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Should I Quit My Job?

Not a simple answer.  Many people are unsatisfied with their current employment.  Some argue that we should be grateful for any job we have, do our best at it, and watch the opportunities unfold before us to advance, etc.

It’s not clear these days that staying with your current job is a good long term strategy, even if it seems stable and in the past year, even if there is a LONG history of your company providing livable pensions for dedicated lifetime workers.

The economy is becoming more and more distributed, at least the lower end of the spectrum.  Somehow giant monopolies still seem to appear and flourish in the truly “BIG” opportunities.  But the difference now is, these companies do not offer pensions — they’re far more likely to offer stock options or (slightly better) 401k matching plans.  Well… the idea of relying on anything like that is being called into question for sure.

So… yes, maybe you should quit your job.  But then again… it seems like much of the “opportunity” being presented  out there in the “work at home” and home-based business spectrum is a lot of talk with very little to back it up.  Most of it is super-duper ugly too.  But it’s working to make some people money anyway… probably mostly the sellers of those work at home “kits” e-books, and strategies.

Some of them probably work, or at least teach you some stuff… I imagine.  Anyone have any experiences they’d care to share?

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