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Space Matters

When working from home, it is important to consider the role that your physical workspace will play in the effectiveness of your endeavor.

Consider the following factors…

Will Clients Be Visiting my At-Home-Office?

  • Will I need direct access from the office space to the outside?
  • Will I need special insurance or extensions to my home insurance?
  • Will I need to improve the sidewalk, railings, or other aspects of outside access?
  • Are there “expectations” in terms of layout, design, and aesthetic that are expected of my industry (i.e. hair salon, architect)

Aesthetic Considerations

Regardless of whether you are a visually oriented person, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much natural light will the space have?  How much do I want?  Consider the location of computer screens in relation to windows with reference to glare, etc.
  • What colors will help me work well?
  • What kind of art, if any would help to inspire me or my visitors?
  • Are there any other duties this space has to function as (i.e. spare guest room)
  • Would plants or another living “thing” (fishtank, etc) help to create a more pleasant space?

Functional Considerations

  • Will more than one person need to share this space?  If so, how regularly?
  • How will I be able to complete the tasks I need?
  • Is there enough light where it’s needed, and sufficient shade where needed?
  • What furniture do I already have, what do I need to purchase.
  • Would there be a benefit to using more than one desk for different tasks?

Above All

Ask yourself “if the sky were the limit, what would my ideal work-space look like” (beachfront 3rd floor mini-suite with sea-breeze deck) … then account for the reality of your situation, and try to come up with creative ways to bridge that gap within reason… maybe it is simply choosing a room in your home with more windows, or exploring the idea of building a detached office in your yard.  Maybe it is spending a few hundred dollars renovating your space with more of the “feel” you would wish for in a “dream office.”

What are some thoughts or ideas that come to mind for you when you think of your existing home office, or the potential of setting up an office in your home?

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  1. magenta Says:

    These are really great questions to ask when creating a functioning work space. I find that my needs keep changing based on what work I’m doing.
    I try to design my office space around reminders of my important goals.

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