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Work from Home Jobs

Work from Home Jobs

For the ultimate DIY work from home job – try the job you already have!

Finding a job that allows you to work from home can be challenging.  However there are a lot of reasons why employers should consider letting their people work at home.

If you generally like your job, health but, for example, have to commute several hours per day to get in to your office, you may be able to convince your supervisor to try out a part-time work at home scenario for a few months to see if it impacts your productivity.  Of course, jobs that are primarily computer and information based are key candidates for this, but if one looks at the situation creatively many jobs can be restructured to include at least part of the responsibilities in a way that can be location-flexible, opening the door to a work at  home opportunity without quitting your job!

Take the “Telecommutify-your-job challenge” — post your job responsibilities and tasks in the comments below and our community will help you brainstorm ways to work in one day or more per week of “at home” time.

Or post your inspirational stories of a job you used to commute to full time that you turned all or partly into a working from home job.

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Should I Quit My Job?

Should I Quit My Job?

Not a simple answer.  Many people are unsatisfied with their current employment.  Some argue that we should be grateful for any job we have, do our best at it, and watch the opportunities unfold before us to advance, etc.

It’s not clear these days that staying with your current job is a good long term strategy, even if it seems stable and in the past year, even if there is a LONG history of your company providing livable pensions for dedicated lifetime workers.

The economy is becoming more and more distributed, at least the lower end of the spectrum.  Somehow giant monopolies still seem to appear and flourish in the truly “BIG” opportunities.  But the difference now is, these companies do not offer pensions — they’re far more likely to offer stock options or (slightly better) 401k matching plans.  Well… the idea of relying on anything like that is being called into question for sure.

So… yes, maybe you should quit your job.  But then again… it seems like much of the “opportunity” being presented  out there in the “work at home” and home-based business spectrum is a lot of talk with very little to back it up.  Most of it is super-duper ugly too.  But it’s working to make some people money anyway… probably mostly the sellers of those work at home “kits” e-books, and strategies.

Some of them probably work, or at least teach you some stuff… I imagine.  Anyone have any experiences they’d care to share?

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Make Your Own Website

Make Your Own Website

When starting out with a new work at home initiative, you will want to consider carefully what role the Internet will play in your venture.

Chances are that it will play a substantial, if not central and irreplaceable role.  This means you either need to haul out your sweet computer-hacking-skills or you’ll have to learn some.

The good news… those sweet skills are no longer comprised of kung-fu-ninja secret type stuff.  It’s basically the same as everything else you do on a computer — no more or less finniky and cantankerous a process than working with the Word Processing software package of a certain monopolistic systems-software vendor (not to name any names).

Making your own website is often important step to starting a work at home lifestyle, whether it’s a personal resume site to pursue that telecommuting dream-job or an online business that will help you “be your own boss.”

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