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Make Your Own Website

Make Your Own Website

When starting out with a new work at home initiative, you will want to consider carefully what role the Internet will play in your venture.

Chances are that it will play a substantial, if not central and irreplaceable role.  This means you either need to haul out your sweet computer-hacking-skills or you’ll have to learn some.

The good news… those sweet skills are no longer comprised of kung-fu-ninja secret type stuff.  It’s basically the same as everything else you do on a computer — no more or less finniky and cantankerous a process than working with the Word Processing software package of a certain monopolistic systems-software vendor (not to name any names).

Making your own website is often important step to starting a work at home lifestyle, whether it’s a personal resume site to pursue that telecommuting dream-job or an online business that will help you “be your own boss.”

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